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When you are a business owner, the hardest thing to communicate to your customer is what makes you different and your company’s value for their needs. When you are a client, the hardest thing is finding a product that is cost effective, dare I say it, cheap, but also of good quality.
So, when the two entities are basically looking at the same qualities, why does the small business struggle to engage the customer. Is it the flash and high market dollars that the consumer is blasted with by the bigger, slicker, richer company? Perhaps, it’s the thought that the bigger company knows more than the smaller company.
These questions are constantly on my mind as a small business owner of a background screening company. For over 40 years NationSearch, a family owned and operated background screening company has honed its products, delivery, sales format, personnel, and budgets to appeal more to customers. Especially in the hopes of landing that large client! The client that finally sees the value of working with a smaller, family-owned company. Only to be passed over for the bigger, flashier Background Screening “powerhouse”.
NationSearch has been operating since the early 1980’s, under a different name, however the same family. Back then, portals and databases had not been created.  In order to obtain information from the courts, Department of Motor Vehicle, etc., you went to the court and/or DMV, every morning, and stood in line until it was your turn.  You were allowed to request information on 3 names, then you had to go to the end of the line and start over with the balance of your list of names for that day.  For out of state inquiries, you hired someone in that particular state and county to do the same.  To say it was cumbersome, is to say the least. However during this time, we worked with strong researchers in the out of state jurisdictions, and saw them go from being a single individual, to a strong small business of researchers. We still use a large majority of these same individuals to this day. The only difference now is that they too are now small businesses vs just a one person band. A whole new industry was slowly being formed, and NationSearch was one of the founding entities in the Background Screening Industry.
With the continued growth of the Background Screening Industry, NationSearch has culled a great supporting supplier chain that is based in good, ethical standards of reporting criminal history, strong vendors in the Motor Vehicle, Database, Criminal Jurisdictions, Credit Reports, Drug Screening, ATS/HRIS integrations, Platform Partners, Software Developments, Data Development, Credentialing Partnerships, and is a member of the PBSA. We have developed policies and procedures for every aspect of running our business, and making sure our staff is trained in all avenues of the background screening landscape so that every practice is consistent.
Having said all this, what IS the difference between NationSearch and the larger Background Screening Companies?
Well, its not the use of data, or the speed in completing a report, or the software components and partners we utilize. The bigger guys and NationSearch use the exact same industry vendors and partners.
I don’t believe it is the flexibility of customizing the needs of each client. We are constantly doing the modifications to our systems to make sure that the client has their needs met, as no two clients are the same. No, that’s not it.
Is it our prices? NationSearch regularly compares our pricing to our larger competitors and to other competitors in the screening arena to ensure we remain competitively priced. All of us charge “access fees”. This is a somewhat new practice in the Background Screening industry, as all city, county, state and federal jurisdictions now charge a fee to access their records. This is a way for them to offset some of their budget cuts since all government entities are struggling to deliver services with less staff and leaner budgets. Unfortunately, these access fees all of us pay, have to be passed on to our clients.
Could it be that NationSearch doesn’t integrate with the any of the top 10 ATS/HRIS programs? No, NationSearch has worked tirelessly with our platform, and we have integrations with all of the software vendors that deliver HR paperwork, onboarding, time management, payroll, insurance, skills testing, drug screening and other one stop shopping products.
So, then what is the difference? Why is NationSearch different than the Big Guys?
Quite simply, it’s the people at NationSearch that are different. My team and I answer the phones. We know everyone of our clients and their staff. Even some of their children, and furry friends! NationSearch audits every report that is generated daily and addresses any concerns before being released to the client. NationSearch has made sound decisions to enhance data systems and security services to expedite the process while increasing accuracy and turnaround time. All without raising prices, jeopardizing quality, or failing to deliver concise, organized reports.
NationSearch listens to each client, and will design a package or multiple packages to meet the needs of the clients workforce. We also strive to alleviate some of the more tedious duties normally performed by the clients HR team. We do this by sending out PreAdverse, Adverse letters, setting up a reorder system for employees to get annual re-run of background checks or mvr searches. Initiating EVerify forms, Driver Monitoring Programs and Drug Screening orders.
It is not that the bigger guys have the better system, data, quicker turnaround times or better pricing. We all use the same vendors, we all charge about the same, we all do the same thing. It is what NationSearch does for the client, the person on the other end of the phone. We listen, we hear what you are saying. We don’t shirk away from a mistake, we don’t harass our team, we don’t constantly contact our clients, and we always treat our clients and each other with respect, acceptance, consideration and with honesty.
The next time you are looking for a need to be filled, and you are faced with large, and slick companies, why not try the smaller drug store vs. the Fortune 500 down the street? Or instead of going to the large department store for the basic blue sweater for moms birthday gift, what about trying the small online boutique that makes affordable customized sweaters, and delivers?
When you are in the market for background screening, don’t automatically dial the first big listing found on the website search page. Try contacting NationSearch where someone will answer the phone and ask you how we can make your job easier.
I am very involved in the day-to-day business.  When a potential client expresses a need for pre-employment background screening, the first thing I do is listen to their unique needs, and, if requested,
advise on the best screening/screenings, in order to accomplish the intended goal and stay within budget constraints. One screening definitely does not fit all.
Thanks so much for listening. I am passionate about advocating for small businesses. Call me. Allow myself and my team to assist you.

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