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Experience thorough background screenings for contractors from NationSearch!

If you’re in the contracting and construction industry, safety and professionalism are a concern when it comes to building homes, businesses, and highways, so you need people at your side that you have confidence in.

Partner with NationSearch for a wide variety of screening services to find reliable and trustworthy employees.


NationSearch does background
screening differently!

  • Innovative technology
  • Easy-to-use customer portal
  • Streamlined hiring
  • Time-saving services
  • At-a-glance results
  • Quick status updates


With a necessary focus on safe design and building practices, and an inherent need for the client to trust the professional handling the creation of their home, highway, or place of business, it’s easy to understand why construction companies and contractors rely on thorough background screening as an integral part of their hiring process.

Not only do they need to be sure prospective employees have the skills, certifications, licenses, and experience needed to do the job, but they need to ensure applicants don’t have a history of poor ethical judgment that could end up creating safety concerns.


Innovative Background Screening Technology

How you communicate and interact with us is vital, which is why we’ve implemented technology that allows you to create a login to quickly access your account information.   

Easy-To-Use Client Portal

Our client portal was designed with you in mind! User experience is important to us, after all, we want to improve your workflow, not become another headache to handle. Simply log in and get access to the information and background screenings you need. 

Streamlined Hiring

With an influx of applicants, it’s hard to remember who’s who and why they would be an asset to your team. Save yourself time, and begin with a pre-employment screening to ensure that who is on your team is someone you can trust.  

Time-Saving Services

We offer the leading screening services to save your business time, energy, and money. Get to know who you’re hiring and identify any red flags before their first day.    

At-a-Glance Results

You’re busy and sometimes you don’t have 15 minutes to cull over screenings. NationSearch provides you with easy, palpable results that you can quickly view within minutes. 

Quick Status Updates

In business, you have to move quickly, especially if you’re trying to fill a position. Get fast status updates so you can expedite the hiring process and feel good about who you’re hiring. 

Our seamless process reduces stress and confusion by delivering accurate, FCRA compliant background checks.

From small businesses to major institutions, we work one-on-one with companies in diverse industries to meet specific screening needs.

We're committed to delivering detailed results quickly so you can be confident in your hiring decisions.