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It may come as no surprise that sometimes, applicants exaggerate on their resumes and applications, as well as during their interviews. When they claim to have professional skills, certifications, and degrees that they actually do not have, your company can suffer greatly.

Depending on the position you’re seeking to fill, hiring someone without the proper educational background or experience can put others at tremendous risk. Avoid this scenario by offering employment to a candidate contingent upon  NationSearch conducting the necessary verifications and reference checks.

Certification and Professional License Verification

How do you know that an applicant actually has the certificates and professional licenses listed on a resume? NationSearch can help you. We will confirm that the applicant’s professional credentials are as stated on their application/resume, they are current, and there are no adverse actions attached.


Past Employment Verification

We can also verify past employment information provided by the applicant, ensuring they possess the experience you’re counting on for the position you need to fill.


Sometimes called a “Right to Work” Verification, this process seeks to ensure worker eligibility in the U.S. and compliance with the I-9 form and documentation requirements. We have plenty of experience doing this type of verification.

Education Verification

We can verify the claims the applicant has made regarding their educational accomplishments, determining whether or not they are accurate and complete, so you can be confident the individual you’re thinking of hiring truly is qualified for the job you’re offering.

National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB) Search

We can conduct a search of the NPDB repository of reports containing information on medical malpractice payments and certain adverse actions related to healthcare practitioners, providers, and suppliers.

Reference Checks

Let us take the “phone tag” of routine reference checking off your team’s plate so they can focus on their primary functions. Don’t overlook reference checks; outsource this important task to NationSearch.

Fast Start Package

starting at $19.95

FCRA Compliant • 1 SSN/Address Trace • 1 County Criminal Search
1 Multi-jurisdictional Criminal Search • 1 National Sex Offender Search

Our seamless process reduces stress and confusion by delivering accurate, FCRA compliant background checks.

From small businesses to major institutions, we work one-on-one with companies in diverse industries to meet specific screening needs.

We're committed to delivering detailed results quickly so you can be confident in your hiring decisions.