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When you trust us with your pre-employment screening needs, you’re trusting us with the safety and security of your staff and company. We take that trust very seriously.

Our background screening process has been honed over more than 30 years of working with companies across the industry spectrum, providing the highest quality pre-employment screening and integratable onboarding software available while focusing on maintaining a superior level of customer satisfaction.

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Results and FCRA Compliance

Our Responsibilities


While it’s important to note that every client is unique and every background check deserving of a unique approach, the following essential foundational steps apply for all employment screenings.

  • We receive a client order that consists of an applicant’s completed and signed “Disclosure Regarding Background Investigation,” referred to as the Consent Form.
  • The information disclosed on the FCRA compliant Consent Form (name, SSN and current address) is then placed into the Credit Bureau database, which discloses where the individual has lived and worked, and directs what counties and states are to be searched.
  • The search is conducted based upon the searches/search package our client has chosen, and the Search and Scope instructions provided.


  • Per our client’s hiring practices and the FCRA’s compliance requirements, if our search turns up anything that bars the applicant from being hired, our clients ask us to draft and issue a Notice of Pre-adverse Action describing the impending rejection of employment. The applicant has 5-7 business days to dispute our findings if they wish, and we will process the applicant’s dispute as legally required by the FCRA.
  • If the applicant does not dispute the findings, or if the original search results stand after investigating the dispute, we draft and issue a Notice of Adverse Action, which serves to solidify our client’s final decision not to hire.


Our responsibility – and the skill set we’ve honed over 30 years of helping employers maintain the safety and security of their hiring process – is to report the facts as they are written in various public records, in accordance and compliance with the Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA) governing body, the FCRA, and all other applicable regulations as described by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). NationSearch doesn’t make any recommendations or judgment calls based on what our background searches reveal. We leave that part to our client’s hiring professionals.

What we do bring to the table is a set of reliable documents and verifiable data that you, the business executive or hiring manager, can use to make important hiring decisions. The entire purpose of our suite of services is to help you gain information you won’t see on an applicant’s resume or application. Through our screening services, which include criminal background checks for employment purposes, identity verification services, drug screening, verification of professional credentials and education claims, ATS integrations, and FCRA compliance, we provide the tools and the information to empower you and your team to make the right hiring decisions.

We take our duty seriously, and we pride ourselves on continuously updating and checking our processes and documentation to ensure we and our clients remain scrupulously FCRA compliant. We subscribe to numerous legislative alert publications that keep us abreast of the ever-changing FCRA rules and regulations.

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Fast Start Package

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FCRA Compliant • 1 SSN/Address Trace • 1 County Criminal Search
1 Multi-jurisdictional Criminal Search • 1 National Sex Offender Search

Our seamless process reduces stress and confusion by delivering accurate, FCRA compliant background checks.

From small businesses to major institutions, we work one-on-one with companies in diverse industries to meet specific screening needs.

We're committed to delivering detailed results quickly so you can be confident in your hiring decisions.