Through our thirty years of experience in employment screening services, we have had the privilege of working with leading companies from diverse industries. We provide personalized, custom-built packages to help you and your HR department hire efficiently, no matter your hiring needs.


One of the key strengths NationSearch brings to the table is a focus on flexibility and strategic planning when customizing our search packages for every client’s unique needs. This proves especially important when working with small businesses that have specific needs and requirements, but understandably limited budgets. We’ve been able to consistently develop background screening programs to meet or exceed small business needs while staying comfortably within the scope they can afford.

In small businesses, perhaps even more so than their larger counterparts, every individual employee plays a vital role in the success of the company. So it’s important that every new hire offers the company the best chance of success, making background checks especially essential.

Often, background checks can save lives. This case study, “Manufacturing Worker Carries Out Multiple Shootings,” reveals the dangers of employees going unscreened.



Financial industry professionals are in a unique position in that they have access to a tremendous amount of personal information about their clients, as well as control over potentially huge amounts of money. For obvious reasons, then, companies functioning in the financial industry need to be able to rely on their employees being trustworthy and honest, both for the sake of the customer and the reputation of the company.

To help ensure their incoming employees can be trusted, we’ve assisted dozens of companies (including banks and credit unions) with background screening services like criminal record checks, professional license verifications, credit history reports, and more.



In all healthcare jobs, employees have near-constant contact with members of the public, including in potentially compromising situations where personal information — and even personal safety — could be at risk. Beyond ensuring they’re hiring properly licensed and highly qualified staff members who will carry out their responsibilities effectively, medical facilities need to be sure their employees do not pose any sort of safety risk to patients.

It’s a sad truth that many individuals with unwholesome intentions gravitate toward positions that will put them in contact with those they would like to take advantage of. That’s why NationSearch diligently pursues past employment verifications, criminal record searches, and sex offender registry investigations on behalf of healthcare employers nationwide.

A background check conducted by NationSearch helped a medical transportation company avoid hiring a DUI driver in our “Medical Transportation Provider Narrowly Misses Hiring a DUI Driver.”



From driving a local bus route to pulling freight across the country, the nation’s logistics and transportation employees are a lifeline connecting millions of people to their homes, their livelihoods, and the rest of their lives. At the same time, the individuals who drive, maintain, or coordinate the vehicles and related equipment we all rely on are, quite literally, holding millions of lives in their hands every day.

Likewise, hundreds of thousands of vehicles are purchased by consumers every year. Every purchase is preceded by at least one test drive (traveling in an unfamiliar vehicle with a stranger for an indeterminate amount of time.) For obvious reasons, dealerships and used car lots have every reason to protect their customers and themselves by screening their sales staff prior to hiring.

We’ve been able to assist numerous transportation industry companies review the backgrounds of prospective employees to confirm their driving records, criminal history, credit history, and any connection to government watch lists or databases, all in an effort to ensure unsuspecting passengers and passersby aren’t placed in unnecessary danger. Our pre-employment screening services have helped many companies in these transportation industries.

Read our latest case study, “Dealership Avoids Hiring Sexual Predator,” about how a dealership narrowly missed hiring a dangerous individual.



Much like their counterparts in the financial industry, catastrophe insurance professionals also have access to a huge amount of sensitive data, including information linked to personal identification, medical records, financial records, and more. When that kind of information gets into the wrong hands, everyone suffers. When a natural disaster strikes, the last thing anyone needs to worry about is whether or not they can trust their insurance adjuster.

We’ve helped numerous catastrophe insurance companies across the country to streamline and enhance their hiring processes to include thorough criminal history record searches and other pre-employment screening services, such as identity verification services, designed to reduce the chances of costly and embarrassing data breaches and other activities that can harm the company’s members.



With a necessary focus on safe design and building practices, and an inherent need for the client to trust the professional handling the creation of their home, highway, or place of business, it’s easy to understand why construction companies and contractors rely on thorough background screenings as an integral part of their hiring process.

Not only do they need to be sure prospective employees have the skills, certifications, licenses, and experience needed to do the job, but they need to ensure applicants don’t have a history of poor ethical judgment that could end up creating safety concerns.



When the position you’re filling includes “the health and welfare of Planet Earth” in its long-term list of established objectives, you can’t rely on just anyone who feels like applying for the job. The majority of positions in the environmental control industry require highly specialized skills, knowledge, and training in various niche disciplines. Qualifications are strict, and for good reason.

By putting together strategic custom screening packages for these companies, NationSearch has been able to consistently verify the educational background, job history, professional certifications, licensing, ongoing education and, of course, criminal history records of applicants to these important positions. Our environmental industry clients rely on our personalized background screening services to help them fill positions with the right candidates.



Temporary and permanent staffing organizations fill a vital need across numerous industries by supplying willing labor and/or specialty skills on an as-needed basis to accommodate special needs, niche skills-set positions, and short-term or one-off projects. Under the circumstances inherent to these situations, the staffing company’s client — the business that needs the staff — is often not in a position to perform thorough background screenings for these hires.

By providing custom employment screening services to the recruiting companies, NationSearch allows them to offer a more valuable staffing solution, help ensure even temporary employees are qualified for the positions they’re taking on, and safeguard that they aren’t going to pose a security or safety risk. This helps protect the reputation of the company and their clients.

A NationSearch background screening revealed a potential employee was hiding a violent past in our case study, “Payroll and HR Services Company Discovers Violent Criminal History of Potential Employee.”


Customized Background Checks For Your Industry

The hiring process can be complex and take a great deal of your time. Not only do you have a vision of how that role is going to be filled, but it’s important that you have someone you can trust.

Take the guesswork out of your candidate pool with background screening services from NationSearch.


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