Common Misconceptions About Background Screenings

If you’re looking to hire new employees for your business, you want to make sure they are who they say they are.  Did they tell the truth on their resume? Do they have a criminal record?  It can be difficult (or even impossible) to discern these things during an interview, but a pre-employment background check can give you the answers you need! NationSearch offers industry-leading background screenings for employers across the country. Continue reading to learn about common background check misconceptions, then contact us to discuss how we can assist you in designing a screening package or several packages that help to achieve your goals!


All Background Checks Are the Same

You might think that all background checks contain the same information, but this isn’t the case. In fact, we offer a wide variety of background screening options, each with its own options and restrictions. From criminal records searches to verifications and reference checks, it can be difficult to determine which type of background check is best for your staffing needs — let us help you determine the right move!

Background Screenings Are Too Pricey

Did you know that resume fraud costs employers about $600 billion annually? Compared to this enormous cost, the fees associated with background checks are minuscule. At NationSearch, we pride ourselves on high-quality background screenings that are affordable, because we believe your business shouldn’t have to suffer the cost of unreliable employees.


Background Checks Take Too Long

With so many background screening options available, it might seem like it would take forever to get all the ones you need. Fortunately, NationSearch’s Fast Start Package is a quick and convenient way to get started! We combined the most common background checks into one comprehensive package with a rapid turnaround time. We deliver background checks swiftly, so you can start hiring.

Background Screenings Don’t Require Follow-Up

If you disqualify a potential employee based on a negative background check from us, there are several things that the law requires you to do. One is creating an Adverse Action letter to notify the candidate of the issue. This process is extremely important and can result in legal litigation against you if not followed, so reach out to our expert team with any questions!


We hope this blog dispelled some misconceptions you may have had regarding pre-employment background checks. Armed with this new information, we encourage you to choose NationSearch for background screening services when you’re ready to hire!