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Why Small Businesses Need Identity Verification

More than larger corporations, small businesses depend on the integrity of each and every employee to play their designated role in the functioning of the company. For this reason, it is crucial that, when making new hires, small businesses take extra precautions to ensure that…

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What’s Involved In Doing Background Screening On An Applicant

If your company has been around for a while, you know how much the hiring process has changed. You can easily receive over a hundred applications for a position that would have attracted maybe a dozen applicants forty years ago. Who has time to screen…

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Why E-Verify Is The Smart, Safe Choice For Employers

As an employer, you have an obligation to your employees and your company as a whole to maintain a safe, respectful work environment. Part of this involves hiring the right people who will contribute positively to your company culture. To this end, background checks are…

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5 Useful Qualities Of Applicant Tracking Systems

Hiring today is different from what it was twenty or even ten years ago. Everything is more automated, background checks are more important than ever, and tracking systems can streamline the process to simplify life for hiring managers. If you haven’t yet tried working with…

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5 Industries That Can Benefit From Identity Verification Services

Every Industry Can Benefit, But We’re Highlighting Five In Particular No matter what industry your business is in, it’s important that you hire the right people. The success of your business depends on it; so does the safety of your workplace. Identity verification services can…

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What Identity Verification Services Can Do For You

Have you heard about identity verification services? Whether you’re about to embark on a huge hiring campaign, or you’re simply looking for that perfect candidate to fill one key position, verification services can prove invaluable. Learn what these services are and how they can benefit…

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Why You Need A Good ATS Tracking System In Place

The Elements Of A Reliable ATS Tracking System First of all, what is ATS? An applicant tracking system is a method of keeping track of applicants and all the information they submit. It enables businesses to streamline their hiring process by automating steps and reducing…

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What To Do When You Catch A Job Applicant In A Lie

No one likes a liar. Liars leave a bad taste in your mouth akin to cough medicine — it’s smooth going down until you take a breath and then it’s not so pleasant. You tell your kids not to lie, not to cry wolf, because…

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5 Things To Keep In Mind About Application Tracker Systems

More and more businesses of all sizes are turning to application tracker systems (ATS) for a number of reasons. Whether you’re an employer or a job seeker, here are five things you should know about these systems. What Is An Application Tracker System? This system…

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5 Things You Can Learn About Someone From A Background Screening

Hiring a candidate for an open position without conducting the necessary background screening is not a good idea. All you really know about this individual is what they’ve shared with you through their resume and what they’ve told you during the interview. This really isn’t…

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